Barefoot Kids

Barefoot Kids

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

J'aime le francais with Emily

Nyla and I have embarked on an adventure together, in learning how to speak French! And oh how lovely it is. My friend Emily Watkins, our Madam (French Teacher) is hosting a small parent and child French class in her home every Wednesday morning. Nyla and I not only get to have some great one on one adventure time, we get to learn another language. Nyla and I've decided together that her, in class French name will be Bijou (a name I've loved for a very long time, since Leah told me about a little girl named Bijou she used to care for at the old gym she worked at). Today we learned a simple salutation "Bonjour" (Nyla's rendition incorporates an l at the end for some reason), how to ask " ça va? (how are you)" and to reply "oui ça va, et toi? (fine and you?)" . We also learned to count to 10 and the alphabet. It was hard for me to let go of my natural tendency, or should I say learned tendency, to want to pronounce them with a Spanish accent (since that is my second language). Language and Culture as such a passion of mine, I look forward to this adventure and many more and hope to continue to share these experiences with my kiddos. If we can't travel the world and venture out to different cultures, then we'll bring them to us until we can.

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