Barefoot Kids

Barefoot Kids

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh the joys of a sack of potatoes....literally potatoes

Earlier this week, I took all of the kids grocery shopping and had a successful trip! Rarity. At any rate, thank goodness for car carts and mini-kid sized carts. They all took turns pushing the mini cart and riding/driving the car cart. The produce section set the premise for our trip, who would think that a 5lb sack (or two since they were buy one get one free) could bring such enjoyment. Immediately, Nyla claimed one of the bags as her baby (Olivia, playing with Nyla, followed suit...Max could have cared less, he had his eye on the prize, er free kids cookie over in the bakery section). Nyla immediately started talking every so softly and sweetly to her baby, carrying her baby around, buckling her baby in the seat and putting her baby in the mini cart and pushing her baby around. We had a bit of difficulty separating from baby long enough for the cashier to put the baby through the register, oh the relief to have baby back in her arms after that devastatingly long separation.
Baby rode in the carseat with Nyla on the way home, and was quickly welcomed into our house being showered with toys and more kisses and....well babies do need to eat, a sweet nursing session. They played under the fort together and read books, and baby was so thirsty that Nyla (good little Mother she is) shared her sippy cup of water with her baby (soaking the potatoes inside the bag). After about an hour and a half of baby potato sack enjoyment, it all ended peacefully and on Nyla's terms. We did have to let the bag of potatoes sit on the counter to air out for a good day or so. Let me conclude this by saying that no potato was injured during this production of imaginative play :)

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