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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Zensah Compression Running Leg Sleeve Review

First off, I must start my review with my very first impression of Zensah. My correspondence with representative Suzanne K. was pleasant; sincere, informative, prompt responses and a comfortable level professionalism. I find good customer service to play a very important roll in my buying experience, and give my thumbs up in Zensah's regard.
Secondly, their online site, is clean and streamline, and user friendly for shopping or browsing.
Thirdly, though certainly not leastly, the product. I received my pair of black S/M Running Leg Sleeves a week ago and have worn them on several occasions testing them out both during and after runs, Zumba and Belly Dance Fitness. My first impression of the leg sleeves was the quality of the fabric, the construction was uniquely patterned to support the different areas of the calf (shin and posterior calf muscle), fabric was durable yet soft and conducive to extended wear (I wore them for 4 hours the first day and experienced no discomfort while wearing them, nor after).
My first wear was after a day of a decent amount of physical activity (a 5mi barefoot run and an hour of Zumba, followed by a few hours of yard work with the kiddos), resulting in slightly achy calves. I slid the sleeves over my calves and immediately felt great support in my posterior calf (I don't tend to get shin splints so can't speak from that standpoint, though as a barefoot runner, dancer and dance fitness instructor I do experience occasional achy calf muscles).

My second experience was during a 5mi barefoot run earlier this week (45 degrees F, my coldest barefoot run as of yet) and to my surprise, my feet didn't experience the shock of the cold as much as they did during this morning's (45 degree) barefoot run (sans the leg sleeves). I'm not sure if this is related indirectly to the amount supported blood flow from lower extremities (feet/ankles/calves), though my feet appeared to stay warmer as a result of wearing the leg sleeves. I'll be testing this theory out again over the course of a few more runs with and without Zensah in varying temperatures, before making a solid assumption regarding this.

My third experience was during and after a Zumba class, with the level of impact I bring to my Zumba classes bringing the class up onto the balls of their feet, jumping, pivoting etc; my calves are typically aching for a good massage. I found that, the aching post Zumba wasn't as prominent or prolonged after having worn the leg sleeves. I will continue to wear the sleeves during class, again to make a more accurate assumption regarding their effectiveness on post Zumba calf aches.
Overall, my experience (as a barefoot runner, merchandise coordinator and reviewer for the Barefoot Runners Society and Zumba instructor) with Zensah Running Leg Sleeves was positive. I would recommend them (along with a good look and/or reevaluation of proper form, hydration and stretching post run/workout) to those looking to minimize shin and calf pain related to running, dancing, exercise.

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