Barefoot Kids

Barefoot Kids

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amazing Little Red Hibiscus, How you Make Me Smile

My fabulous mother in law, Aidna, has been so wonderful in giving me clippings of her flowers/plants to help me build my gardens. She has some of the most beautiful gardens and it's been such a pleasure working with her the last two years in building my own gardens. Some of my most favorite flowers that she's given me, are the Hibiscus flowers. We've got one on the west side of our garage, in front of our veggie garden and it LOVES it there; it's 6ft tall and blooms beautiful white and red flowers so vivaciously. Will update with pictures as soon as I get some, hopefully before the plant stops blooming. It was at it's peek last week. I also received a Red Hibiscus from her, which I planted on the south end of my "Island Lily Garden" in the front yard. The plant stood not even a foot tall when I got it and has been thriving beautifully (unlike many other flowers and plants....perennials I planted. Damn rabbits). It finally bloomed it's first gorgeous red flower last week. The flower, in diameter, was half the size of the entire plant. It was so amazing to see such a small, yet mighty, plant produce such a beautiful creation. The picture, was at the end of the day, so the petals had wilted a bit. The blooms of a Hibiscus only last a day, unfortunately, though have quite the impact the day they do.

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