Barefoot Kids

Barefoot Kids

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling "The Shift" and Loving it, While on a Run with Kids

Mandy (my Wiccan sister) asked me the other day if I'd felt "the shift yet" (this was 3 days ago when the heat was still stifling). I hadn't, but felt it coming. And today had an absolute thrill of a moment feeling that "the shift" has come. The air is different (yes, it's cooler) but it's crisper, and it smells different; like the end of summer, sweet and earthy. The kids and I enjoyed an afternoon run/ride to the park. O and Max rode bikes and Nyla in the jogger... we cranked out 5mi today, We were all barefoot btw :) Though Max old complained about the helmet. I have to draw the line on minimalism somewhere when there's true saftey at stake (esp in his case, sadly the poor kid was blessed with my grace...or lack there of) He ended up face planting into a ditch along the trail on our way back, and bonked his head (luckily had his helmet on, an opportunity in which I used as a "see, even though I know you are an outstanding bike rider, we still have to be safe and wear our helmets" lesson).

Anywho, compared to last week's 4mi tortuous 90 degree run together, feet burning, the aire feeling so thick with heat and humidity that I nearly felt like I was running through hot molasses, today's run was absolutely beautiful! I couldn't ask for more in a run with kids, though I do admit too, that I long for the pleasure of running a beautiful day sans all of the mindfullness. Stopping for water breaks, and pee breaks, and readustments in helmets and seat belts, taking shoes off because someone's too hot (Max started out in jeans, socks, shoes...the whole bit and quickly complained that he was too hot. The moment I removed his shoes, he let out a big sigh of relieve...was amazing to actually feel what he felt at that moment. We took off shoes and socks and cuffed up jeans and went along our merry way with nary a complaint after that.

So, this week's mid 70's run was near perfection. The air was crisp and fresh, the pavement was slightly heated, there was a breeze from the west to cool us off. It was wonderful, the sort of day when you can enjoy the heat of the sun AND actually cool off in the shade.

These days make running barefoot an absolute pleasure!


  1. So glad that someone else could smell the change too :) I felt the shift on Sunday on my long run and cold smell the difference in the air. I had mentioned it in a post but not sure if anyone else was sensing it too.

    So glad you all had a lovely time.

  2. :) It's a very cool sensation isn't it? Being barefoot on a run makes it all that much more impactful too doesn't it Hoop? I must have missed your post, was it FB or BRS? This time of year always makes me want to bust out the tea, wine, dark beers and warm perfumes...all the little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy:p

  3. I wish I knew how to define "the shift". I don't know if it's something visual, auditory or even olfactory (though all those elements do seem to fit in). It seems to be something in the core of your being. I think I really began to feel it at Lughnasadh (August 1).

    Ok, so glad to know I'm not crazy and others feel "the shift" too! I always seem to notice it more at the Equinoxes than I do at the Solstices, perhaps I'll meditate on that! :)