Barefoot Kids

Barefoot Kids

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to barefootin', my feet are happy

Running that is! My 6 week 'stress fracture sentence' is up! I got out a few days ago for a short jaunt (about 1/2mi) which went well, so I decided to go for it today and work in a short 2mi run. Felt great, I can tell that I've lost some strength in my left foot, though my right foot is going very strong. I'm not able to splay my toes as nicely on my left. Hoping to regain that strength in no time. It sure feels good to have my feet back out on the road though, really looking forward to the upcoming first MN Chapter of the Barefoot Runner's Society meet up at Minnesota Half Marathon and 5k (I'll be doing the 5k this time around, hopefully with my UMD amiga Breanna!..that's if we can behave the night before, no partying until AFTER the race!). Depending on how things go this fall/winter, I'm looking at the prospect of going for a full marathon (likely the Med City) in the spring of next year...of course barefoot ;)

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