Barefoot Kids

Barefoot Kids

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My new favorite lily, the Leopard Lily and Cloe's new puppies

The kids and I spent the afternoon at Nana's digging around in the gardens. Well, kids played around on Nana's toys and Nana and I did played in the dirt. She sent me home with the really cute little white button flowers, japanese iris', white iris, pink lilies, another ground cover purple flower and eventually the Leopard Lily (once they're done blooming). She'd gotten some babies from Darren (the 'oldest Button sister' and they took off like wildflower (everything does out at the Ranch, we suspect it's all of the horse poop she puts on everything). May be hauling some horse doo home if my gardens don't take off soon. So when I saw this beautiful little lily, my heart melted. It's beautiful, yellow delicate petals spotted red. I've decided that I will not only plant these in the Island Lily Garden (my middle front yard), but will also work these little beauties into my scroll work tattoo (which will be a while before I get) and dedicate it to my beloved Mother. I love you Mom!
The kids also practically tripped over themselves at the chance to hold Cloe's (the littlest Button sister, little mini Yorkie) puppies. They weren't used to holding such little sprouts (2 weeks old today) and were a tad rough, though with lots, LOTS of reminders they did ok and loved every minute of it. Soon the puppies will be big enough to wrangle around, for now...just lots of snuggling, nursing and warming themselves with the sunlight that peeks through the windows.

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