Barefoot Kids

Barefoot Kids

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Busy Day Down at Thursdays on First

We started the day with Olivia's 8-11am summer school, then from there shuffled off to downtown for a Zumba demo performance shared with Amber McCormack's Nia (fabulous stuff this Nia, may have to make time for this in my schedule). We parked about 1/2mi from down town, in that time Olivia got a bloody nose, Nyla whined (the whole way) to be picked uppie and Max topped the cake by falling face first onto the sidewalk.
We managed to make it to the South Stage by Dooley's (cool little downtown pub/sports bar) in one piece despite our setbacks. Did some mingling with other Zumba-ers and the fine folks from the Rochester International Dance Studio. Nana and Papa Al showed up ready for the show, as did Abe, Elsie and Jo. The girls were quick to grab up some extra jingly hip scarfs and did some mad shimmying down in front of the stage while we shook what our Mama's gave us on a hot stage. Not sure how Amber's feet held up on that super hot stage, my feet were burning through my shoes!
The kids and I ditched our shoes shortly thereafter and headed down to the Peace Plaza, and of course the fountain was immediate bait for the kids. They were in there and wet from head to toe within 20 seconds of spotting it. I dipped my feet in too and it was wonderfully refreshing.
I'm working on converting videos to post, with our Nia/Zumba performances....

Later on, Nana kids and I headed back down to Thursdays 1st and established our "spot" in front of the stage, so I could partake in Rochester's first flash mob! There were 150 of us, who performed a mix music. It was orchestrated by KTTC news and Xtreme Fitness (thank you Kris Thomas and Dawn Underwood) and it couldn't have been a more fantastic event. Will be posting video of this when it pops up online.
Overall, wonderful day! It felt great to be barefoot tooling around downtown Rochester, my kids felt the same.

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